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Here at ARTUNIKA we love to be surrounded by art and we think you feel the same way.

Join our arts community and enjoy beautiful and inspiring art everyday.



Reach more people with quality art
We are young entrepreneurs who live and breathe art and in the recent years, we have had our focus on selling paintings and portrait paintings by two selected artists. In 2011, we nevertheless agreed to expand our concept on the basis of the positive feedback we've received from our customers. And we agreed to start a project where our main focus would be on how aspiring artists could get in touch with people who was interested in buying reasonable priced original artworks and how we could give them the best overall exposure.


Virtual gallery
Our solution was ARTUNIKA, a virtual gallery that does this and much more. And today, we offer professional and broad exposure to these artists through a marketed and popular online gallery, which also is an easy, convenient and secure trading platform for art interested buyers who want to have access to attractive art every day and in all hours.  


Quality art
Our artists consist of both very young, unknown and emerging talents, as well as artists who have achieved recognition and has many years of experience. And common to all of our art is that we concentrate on only exhibiting online art, including paintings, illustrations, art, photography and sculptures of high quality.

And to ensure a high quality, all our artists and their art is judged by a panel of artists which themselves works within the styles we present online. It is further our goal is to have artists who represent a diversity which makes it possible for us to offer art to every taste.


A concept which has gained success
We have enjoyed great support and we are pleased to see how the number of visitors and buyers has increased since we started. We believe that art of high quality, lower commission as well as peace of mind freely to return a painting, has been has been some of the significant reasons why the concept has gained success.


Benefits of trading art online

  • More art for your money: we have a lower commission / fees than most galleries, which means that you get more art for money.
  • No risk: 14-day return policy. If you regret your purchase, because the painting does not fit into your home or business. The full amount minus shipping costs are returned. Thus you have the assurance that the selected work of art is right for you.
  • Easy and secure payment: We offer convenient and secure payment by all major credit cards.
  • High quality art: We offer a serious and wide-ranging selection of art in all price ranges. The online gallery is updated several times a week with new paintings and other art. And often, we also welcome new talented artists.
  • Internet opening hours and art to your doorstep:  We offer easy access to fine art every day every hour. And when you buy an artwork it is delivered directly to your door.


In the three years ARTUNIKA has been in business, we have sold art to near and far and we have now opened for submissions from artists of all backgrounds. And we look forward to our fourth year in the online Art Space, where we invite you to join our growing gallery and community.


Kindest regards,

Christian D. H.,
Gallery Manager  

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