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I would describe myself as a colorful and contemporary artist. The main aspect of my paintings is that they have an exciting visual expression. I let myself be seduced by the inspiration I get from my surroundings and I translate these impressions into my paintings. I always think that the process is interesting because I never quite know where it takes me.

I love bright colors, interesting shapes, lines and weird shapes. I am interested in everything, but I really like the natural vs. the unnatural, funny combinations and contrasts.

I prefer to work with acrylic paint, but I like to use many different tools and use the paint's diverse properties. I work from many different styles and blends such as abstract painting, with both caricatured and naturalistically painted motifs. I find that the mixture of different styles, create a dynamic and multiple dimensions of the painting.


  Educations: Århus kunstskole/teachers:
Britt Westberg
Jef Carstens
Lise Skou
Tommy Art

Århus kunstskole
Cafe Molka
Cafe Retro

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